Museo {i}menos is a different kind of museum without walls, formal attire or admission fees. We pop up wherever we can and even in some places that we can not. Museo {i}menos is a work of art. We are an independent arts museum currently developing mail art and stencil art events, collections and workshops (but many more independent arts exist and need to be included). Our goal is to make art public. It is only through active participation that art becomes truly public.

Museo {i}menos places great importance on free expression and accessible/public arts (arts practiced with limited means) as well as independent news/media. It is by first hand accounts and active participation that we fully become part of the world in which we live. Culture belongs to those who work at it and it should never be left to the whims of a corporate sponsor.

The official inauguration of Museo {i}menos was August 8th, 2006 from the Visual Geographic Center of the Rio Grande Valley and the bordering Tamaulipan municipalities.