The People's Portable Printing Press (a stencil making workshop)

     The workshop includes a brief history of the stenciled image and basic stencil making techniques. You will learn to make your own images, freely and ready to reproduce, using this historic, democratic art. We will also make a collective work of art for future exhibition.
     Since January 2006, there have been monthly workshops held by the Museo to promote independent arts practice (that is to say art with very little resources). Donations are accepted but not required to take part in Museo {i}menos activities. It is our goal to make artistic practice accessible to everyone.
     To participate you will need to attend with a posterboard, a #1 exacto-type knife, a can of spray paint, some designs, and something to paint your image on {t-shirts have been popular to the workshop, but just about anything goes}. Also, {i}menos will lend you materials or they may be purchased as they are available.

Les Nouvelles Recuperées / Noticias Recicladas / Recycled News
    Part of {i}menos' permanent collection, the series began March 19th 2005 (the Bush led U.S. invasion of Iraq) and was completed March 19th 2006 by René Z. Garza. Images were circulated in very limited “local” newspapers, mailboxes and Museo {i}menos events.  A new stencil was created weekly, 7 images were ‘spainted’ and inserted into 7 random “local newspapers”. Although the series is part of the Museo’s collection, it could quite possibly yours.